Identify just about everyone who had contact with the infected patient, even those they can’t remember!

Contact Tracing Plus supplements your manual contact tracing with stunning efficiency and speed.  In a matter of only minutes, our patented technology quickly identifies the people who have been exposed to the infected patient.  It also notifies them with an exposure alert, similar to a PSA.

We are not a mobile app.  We do not require a download or Bluetooth activation.  And there’s no need for any personally identifable information.  It is already being used today by govenment agencies and saving precious time.  It’s also much more affordable than mobile apps or other hi-tech options.

The Contact Tracing Plus Supplement

We address the main challenges facing manual contact tracing:



The Contact Tracing Plus process works very fast.  Almost all people who had possible exposure to the infected patient can be quickly located.  Then they receive an exposure notification alert, similar to a PSA.  Most notifications are sent immediately and all alerts are completed within a few hours.


The process is scalable and can handle a few contacts just as easily as handling thousands.  Surges in patient volume are a non-factor and can be easily ramped up or re-activated at a later date in the event of a second wave.


Nationally, the average contact tracer makes about $18 per hour and can complete approximately 3 patient calls… about $6.00 per patient.  Our technology can notify thousands per hour at a cost less than $0.50 per patient.


We can find those random and unknown persons who have been in contact with infected patients.  This includes strangers with whom there was a brief conversation, people who were standing next to them in line, or shoppers with whom the patient may have brushed shoulders in the same grocery aisle. There is no need for the patient to recall their whereabouts and interactions.  Our process does this for them with digital efficiency and speed.


Security and Privacy

No names, phone numbers, Protected Health Information or Personally Identifiable Information is collected, requested, used, or retained by our servers.  Our technology is fully HIPAA compliant and meets all privacy guidelines pertaining to personally identifiable information.

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Locate and notify just about everyone who had contact with the infected patient... even those they can't remember! 


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